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Beach House, The Green

This is our family house, built by my husband’s grandfather.  We were very fortunate to be able to buy the house in 2013.  

The Green is a very special place, literally off the beaten track.  Even in the height of summer the beach in front of us is usually quiet and unspoilt - probably the best beach on the island!

Generations of Tiree school children have learnt to swim and sail at the far end of the bay and our children continue this tradition.

The shoreline is thick with bird life and the area around the old harbour (Post Bhiostadh) is a special protected site from April to July for Little Terns during their breeding season.

Interesting finds found washed up on the shore over the years include coconuts, angler fish, buoys from US fishing boats, trees and deer carcasses from Rum, sea beans and the occasional dead whale!

Yes we are that close to the beach and it really does look like that! It's just a short stroll down to the sand and sea.

Please be mindful of the wildlife and particularly respectful of the grazing sheep and cattle around us.

Please keep dogs on the lead at all times until you are safely down on the sand and well away from sheep and cattle.

We're 5 minutes walk from Loch Bhasapol for windsurfing lessons with Wild Diamond and a 10 minute cycle to Balevullin for surfing.
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